Streetsville Spring Classic – Top 10

The Streetsville Spring Classic was held at the Vic Johnston Community Centre in Streetsville, Mississauga, Ontario on March 18-21, 2016. The tournament was host to twenty-four teams from the surrounding area in the Novice, Atom, and Peewee divisions.

The Streetsville Hockey League has always been one of our favourite centres in which to photograph hockey. Not only are the games action-packed with house league and select players, but there’s also a great sense of community, tons of volunteers, and an overall love for the game that’s so apparent. Our previous post, 5 Tips on How to Enjoy Hockey, was written after the Streetsville Christmas Tournament when it became obvious that this community plays hockey for the fun of it.

With this being our last hockey tournament of the season, I’m spicing it up a little bit and taking the Top 10 all the way up to the Top 12. I’m also doing this because I just couldn’t decide between all the great images I shot from the tournament!

Out of almost 3500 images we captured, here is the Streetsville Spring Classic Top Twelve:

12. Ah Man!

Hockey Player Puts Face in his Hand

11. Make a Play

Hockey Player Takes Off with the Puck


10. Tongue Out

Hockey Player Skates with his Tongue Out

9. Shoot It!

Hockey Player Shooting the Puck

8. One on One

Hockey Player Tries to Score on Goalie

7. Celly

Hockey Player Celebrates After a Goal

6. Battle It Out – Part 1

Two Hockey Players Battle for the Puck

5. Battle It Out – Part 2

Two Hockey Players Battling for the Puck

4. Goalie Play

Hockey Goalie Plays the Puck

3. Wrister

Hockey Players Makes a Wrist Shot

2. Fist Pump

Hockey Player Fist Pumps After Goal

1. Yeah!

Hockey Player Celebrates After Scoring a Goal

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