St. Thomas Tournament – Top 10

The St. Thomas Tyke & Novice Select Tournament was held at the Timken Centre in St. Thomas, Ontario on February 19-22, 2016. The tournament was sponsored by Boston Pizza, and host to forty-two Tyke and Novice teams. Tyke and Novice are really fun age divisions to photograph. There’s always something happening other than the hockey game. Check out image #8: ‘Skate Malfunction’ to see exactly what I’m talking about.

There’s also a very different atmosphere on the players’ bench when photographing younger divisions. The coaches job description gets a little longer with having to reexplain which side of the rink is left or right when the teams switch sides at the end of a period, or when players have to come off the ice in the middle of a shift to go to the bathroom!

Out of over 6000 images we captured over the weekend, here is the St. Thomas Tyke Tournament Top Ten:

10. Wrister

Hockey Player Shooting on a Goalie

9. Celly

Tyke Hockey Player Celly

8. Skate Malfunction

Ref Helps Hockey Player with Skates Tied Together

7. Crossover

Hockey Player Skating

6. Sudbury Steal

Hockey Player Puck Handling

5. Dangle

Tyke Hockey Player Puck Handling

4. Group Celly

Hockey Team Group Celly

3. Happy Hockey

Happy Hockey Celebrates After Scoring a Goal

2. Goalie Showdown

Hockey Goalies Fighting Over the Net

1. That’s Mine!

Hockey Player Skating after the Puck

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2 thoughts on “St. Thomas Tournament – Top 10

  • Greg Clark

    It’s not me, but thanks for capturing another side of reffing in #8. Officiating the little guys is usually a little colder, but always so much fun….even (especially?) helping with the odd “equipment malfunction.”

    • Julie Whelan Post author

      You’re very welcome, Greg. My favourite part of photographing the younger players is all the action not happening in the game. There are so many little situations to photograph that can make people smile, even if they weren’t there to know what was going on. Like image #2: ‘Goalie Showdown’, for example. The teams weren’t sure if they were switching ends for the second period and the goalies didn’t know which net to tend. The confusion makes for a pretty funny photo.