St. Thomas Major Tournament – Top 10

The St. Thomas Major Tournament was held at the Timken Centre over the weekend of October 16-18, 2015. The tournament hosted Novice to Midget teams from Owen Sound to Sarnia. The Timken Centre is a bright arena in which to shoot. It holds two pads: STMHA where the St. Thomas Junior B Stars play, and The Presstran pad. Shooting in an arena with two pads kept me busy and at times was a little hectic, but we managed to stay ahead of the game. Pun intended.

Here are our Top Ten images from the Major Tournament:

10. Ready for Anything

I like this one because the goalie looks ready to pounce even though you can’t see the puck in the image. It almost looks like he’s ready to save the player, instead of the puck.

hockey action sports photography in Ontario

9. Heads Up!

It looks like the puck is coming in to bonk this Grimsby Peach King in the head!

hockey action sports photography in Ontario

8. Poor Ref

This image perfectly illustrates how hectic a ref’s job can get. There’s so much to notice and pay attention to in this image, it’s mind-boggling how a ref can do it in real time.

hockey action sport photography in Ontario

7. Oops!

Even a mistake on my part can sometimes look cool. I was, of course, aiming to have the player in focus but instead only the puck is in focus in this image. If I were shooting for a puck company, this shot just might work!

hockey action sports photography in Ontario

6. Freeze

I love how the fast shutter speed I chose freezes everything in this image. Everything from the puck to the players to the snow flying up is frozen.

action hockey sports photography in Ontario

5. Battle!

I like this shot for the action. We call ourselves an ‘action photography’ company and we deliver!

hockey action sports photography

4. Yes, Coach!

The action is not just on the ice in the middle of a play. It can get just as intense on the bench too. Here a Coach explains a play to his attentive players.

action hockey sports photography

3. Hockey Card Pose

This is what I call the ‘Hockey Card Pose.’ The image every hockey player wants of themselves. The money shot.

hockey sports action photography in Ontario

2. Real Talk

I couldn’t hear what these teammates were discussing but it seemed pretty serious.

action hockey sports photography in Ontario

1. Was It Something I Said?

I’m used to adults not wanting their picture taken, but this has never happened before!

hockey action sports photography in Ontario

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