Sarnia House League Tournament – Top 10

The Sarnia March Break House League Tournament was held at the Clearwater Arena in Sarnia, Ontario on March 14-15, 2016. The tournament kicked off the March break and was held over two days hosting eighteen Novice and Peewee teams. The event was a great success and a chance for local sponsors to support the game of hockey in their own community. Each team was named after a local business like Electrozad, Dodge, and the Dante Club.

Out of over 2500 images we captured, here is the Sarnia House League Tournament Top Ten:

10. Gimme Dat!

Novice Hockey Player Reaches for the Puck

9. Hooray!

Peewee Hockey Player Throwing His Hands Up After Goal

8. Planning His Route

Novice Hockey Player Carrying the Puck

7. Eyes on the Puck

Hockey Goalie Stares at On-Coming Puck

6. Quick Turn

Peewee Hockey Player Making a Tight Turn with the Puck

5. Funny Celly

Hockey Player Gestures He is Sneezing in Celly

4. Cross Over

Hockey Player About to Carry Puck

3. Glove Save

Hockey Goalie Makes a Glove Save

2. Shot

Peewee Hockey Player Makes Wrist Shot


1. Fist Bump

Hockey Players Fist Bump After Goal

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