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Julie Whelan Photography has recently had the pleasure of working with Steve DuBarry, a London & area hockey development specialist. Steve is running a spring hockey development program that anyone serious about improving their hockey skills should enroll in.

What does the program offer?

The focus in on development. There is a lot of spring hockey available, but for many the focus isn’t on improving as much as it is playing. Players are getting worn out prior to the regular season starting again. With Power Edge Pro, the emphasis is on preparing for the fall season, and growing the player’s skill set.

Here’s what you’ll get with PEP (Power Edge Pro):

What is Power Edge Pro?

There is a major shift in how on ice training will be done from this point forward. The Power Edge Pro™ training system will be the difference maker.

The Power Edge Pro™ training system utilizes a patented training system that is the leader in small area training. Players from minor hockey to the pros, are implementing PEP to their program. The PEP training system is used by NHL/AHL players, teams from the QMJHL, OHL, NCAA and the U.S. National Team Development Program.

PEP was designed for constant repetitions of skating and executing puck skills of reaching over and pulling the puck through the open lane all while executing evasive skating techniques. The obstacles create different angles and even smaller space to challenge the players to be creative with toe drags & over and under’s, while working both the weak and strong side of the player.

Most isolated skills training like power skating sessions focus on balance and edge control without the puck. It is shocking how many players have great edge control but have difficulty handling the puck in high traffic areas with speed. Players have the puck on their stick for the entire Power Edge Pro™ training sessions to develop elite skating and superior stick and puck control.

PEP is a progressive training system with unique skating patterns that produce results in a variety of superior skills such as speed, acceleration, balance, agility and quickness. PEP allows players to work on developing skills that you CAN’T get from traditional trainings with pylons. Skating through some of the elite PEP circuits demand evasive skating techniques with powerful edge control, upper body control and precision puck control.

PEP training creates resistance that stimulates a players read and react skills and creativity with the puck that translate to real game situations. With the PEP training system you will be taught new skating techniques and improve existing ones with the challenging training apparatus.

Connor McDavid & The McDavid Dangler

With Power Edge Pro, you’ll get a chance to train with Connor McDavid.

For those who don’t know, Connor McDavid is a Canadian major junior ice hockey centre who serves as the captain of the Erie Otters of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). McDavid was selected first overall in the 2012 OHL Entry Draft. He is also the projected #1 pick of the 2015 NHL Draft being compared to the likes of Sidney Crosby, etc.

McDavid has been training with Power Edge Pro since the age of 9. Check out this video of him in action:

Want to train like Connor McDavid? Sign up for Power Edge Pro and receive the McDavid Dangler–the best training device for developing stickhandling ability and puck control.

Players who sign up for the Spring Development Program will receive the McDavid Dangler and Connor’s complete training system. That’s over a $200 value included!

With the Dangler you’ll be able to:

-Practice all types of stickhandling moves with added resistance.

-Practice forehand, backhand, and saucer passing while stickhandling over obstacles for greater small area puck control in games.

-Add PEP to your Shooting routine. Challenge yourself to try moves and pull the puck through The Dangler before shooting.

-Practice your puck protections skills from home with your body and PEP. Practice moving the puck across your body through The Dangler, moving the puck around, over, under and away from defenders. Move the puck in a figure 8 while moving your body side to side.

-Master your toe drag and backhand toe drag with the PEP multi-directional stick attachment.

-Moving your stick over The Dangler to recover the puck or ball and pull back through the small area forces the player to develop the top hand for maximum puck control ability.

Who’s running it?

Steve DuBarry has been involved in hockey for over 35 years as a player, hockey school instructor, coach, and now as a Power Edge Pro Level 2 Instructor. As a player, Steve was fortunate to play five years of junior hockey in Ontario, and then received a full scholarship to attend Colgate University in upstate New York.

Steve’s initial motivation to coach hockey was to pass on his passion, knowledge, and love of the game. He has coached players from Tyke up to and including players at the Junior level. Despite experiencing success in developing his players and teams, Steve continued to be a student of the game by attending many clinics and courses to upgrade his skills. When Steve was first introduced to the Power Edge Pro training system he quickly realized it was something special and something he needed to be involved with. Having attended some of the best hockey schools in North America as both a student and later as an instructor, he knew the Power Edge Pro exceeded anything being used to train hockey players today.

Steve runs the Power Edge Pro Skills Academy within London and the surrounding area. He is also available for team trainings throughout the winter season. He is very gifted member of the Power Edge Pro team, and is a firm believer it is the world’s best hockey training program.

Steve Dubarry of Power Edge Pro

Steve’s Achievements:

– Director – Power Edge Pro Skills Academy – London
– Power Edge Pro Level 2 Instructor
– Hockey Canada Development 1
– Hockey Canada Coach Level
– Hockey Canada Initiation Program
– Hockey Canada Speak-Out
– Hockey Canada Specialty Clinic – Shooting and Scoring
– Hockey Canada Specialty Clinic – Small Area Games
– Mind Factor Certified Coach – The Mind Factor Institute

Get Started!

If you are a manager or coach with a team, or individual player looking to get on a spring development team, contact Steve today at steve@poweredgepro.com to get started with Power Edge Pro. It is by far the best way to gain speed, acceleration, balance, and agility over the spring season. Sign up for the ultimate in hockey development now!

Visit www.poweredgepro.com to learn more.

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