Norwich Novice/Tyke – Image of the Week

The Tournament – Norwich Novice/Tyke

The Norwich Novice/Tyke tournament was held over two days in Norwich, ON and was host to teams from New Hamburg to Waterford to Tilsonburg. This is our fifth tournament in a row photographing kids from the Novice and Tyke divisions and it never gets old for us. The younger kids do tend to play a little earlier in the day than we would like to be awake, but with a tournament as well run as this, we can’t really complain. Thanks to Jeff Vankerrebroeck and all the volunteers for organizing the event and making sure it all ran smoothly.

The Image

Here is the Norwich Novice/Tyke Image of the Week. I don’t think I really need to say much about why I chose this shot, it really speaks for itself. It was taken on the bench after the little guy on the left scored a goal. I love how excited the Tykes get when they score but mostly I love how excited their teammates get for them. There’s hugging and rejoicing all around!

The Settings

Shooting at the Norwich Community Centre was fun. The benches are big so there was lots of room for me to move around. It was a little darker than I’m used to so I adjusted my ISO from 6400 to 8000. This image was shot at f2.8, 1/640, and ISO 8000.


Here is a look at a few more photographs that were considered for Image of the Week:

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