Minto Mite Tournament – Top 10

The Minto Mite (Junior Development) Tournament was held at the Harriston Arena in Minto, Ontario on February 27, 2016. The tournament was host to ten teams from the Mite division which ranges in age from three to five years old.

If you thought the St. Thomas Tyke Tournament was entertaining to watch because of all the chaos that can happen at a game filled with youngsters, then you’re going to love this! At this age, hockey is all about having fun and it’s refreshing for me to photograph an event where everybody is relaxed and not taking things too seriously. With things being so much more relaxed, there are a few challenges that arise in photographing Mite hockey that I wouldn’t normally have to face. For example, having to keep track of fourteen to sixteen players at time, two coaches and two refs on the ice to help out, and a different goalie in each net every two minutes. It can get a little hectic! My one saving grace is that many of the players have their names taped to the front of their helmet, so when I can’t see their number or keep track of them by their position, I can at least identify them!

Out of almost 2500 images we captured over the day, here is the Minto Mite Tournament Top Ten:

10. I Scored!

Hockey Player Celebrating with a Big Smile on his Face

9. Encouragement

Young Hockey Player Seeking Encouragement from the Stands

8. Classic

Hockey Player Puck Handling up the Ice

7. Lil Help

Mite Hockey Player Pulling his Teammate by the Stick

6. Strategizing

Coach and Mite Hockey Player Strategizing Before the Play

5. Team Huddle

Hockey Team Huddles up Before the Game

4. Determined

Hockey Player Looks Determined While Carrying the Puck up the Ice

3. Five-on-one Faceoff

Five Hockey Players Against One Player Faceoff

2. Happy Mite

Happy Mite Hockey Player Gets a Pat on the Head


1. Real Talk

A Ref Talks Seriously to a Mite Hockey Player on the Faceoff

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