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The Tournament – Minto Mite

The Minto Mite tournament was held at the Harriston Arena and was host to ten teams from New Hamburg to Wallace. The Mite division, also known as Junior Development, has children ranging from ages 3-6 and is the youngest age division we have ever photographed. There is a lot of work that goes into organizing a tournament like this because this is the first time many of the families have participated in organized sports. A shout out to Carla VanSickle is in order for making the entire event run smoothly.

The Image

Here is the Minto Mite Image of the Week. This week, I’ve made the theme for the Image of the Week cuteness. Photographing children ages three to six play hockey for the first time is nothing but cute. This image makes me laugh. Only in Junior Development will you see an image like this. Is it an existential crisis? Or is this little one just tired? Whatever the reason, this little Timbit just wasn’t up to playing in the game, yet somehow still had fun on the ice.

The Settings

Not only is the Harriston Arena one of the coldest rinks I’ve ever photographed in, it’s also a little dark. To compensate for this, I adjusted my ISO to 8000 and because the kids were little, I could get away with a slower shutter speed. This image was shot at f2.8, 1/1000, and ISO 8000.


Here is a look at a few more photographs that were considered for Image of the Week:


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