Just4kics – Kids in Community Sports Charity

Julie Whelan Photography is pleased to announce that they will now be sponsoring Just4kics. This is a new charity designed to raise money for underprivileged kids wanting to play community sports.


What Is Just4kics?

Just4kics is an exciting young Canadian charity (only 3 years old) with head office in Oakville, Ontario. Their reach is Canada-wide with success stories extending all the way to Clyde River, Nunavut.

Just4kics hopes to impact the ongoing issue of one in three Canadian families not being able to afford enrolling their child in a sport. They do so by providing children aged 5-18 with financial relief. Just4kics provides the families with equipment, covers the costs of transportation, and unlike other better known charities in their space they fund the complete cost registration.

Who Runs It?

Robert Wright, CEO, works tirelessly to enrich Just4kics, whilst remaining completely nonprofit. This charity has been a lifelong dream of his. It was inspired by all the kids he befriended in his years of youth sports who were more talented, but couldn’t afford to play. He pledged to fix this injustice one day and is making great strides. He is a pleasure to converse with and can be reached here:

2679 Bristol Circle, Unit 7
Oakville, Ontario L6H 6Z8.
Tel: 416-346-2488
Fax: 905-829-0027

Also, here is the CRA Registered Charity Details page: Just4kics Canadian Registered Charities.

Why is Just4kics Important?

The Ottawa Citizen interviewed sport psychologist Dr. Glyn Roberts of the University of Illinois. Dr. Roberts specialized in Children’s sports over the last two decades and had this to say, “Children have to be active every day. Physical activity stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health. Today, research shows that the importance of physical activity in children is stronger than ever. For example, medical researchers have observed that highly active children are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer of the colon, obesity, and coronary heart disease later in life. Exercise is also known to relieve stress. Some children experience as much stress, depression, and anxiety as adults do. And because exercise improves health, a fit child is more likely to be well-rested and mentally sharp. Even moderate physical activity has been shown to improve a child’s skill at arithmetic, reading, and memorization. But sport, not just exercise, gives a child more than just physical well-being; it contributes to a child’s development both psychologically and socially. Sport can positively affect a child’s development of self-esteem and self-worth, and it is within sport that peer status and peer acceptance is established and developed.”

To read more about the importance of sports for kids, check out these links:
Why Should Children Play Sports at livestrong.com
The Importance of Sports by Dr. Sylvia Rimm, Ph.D
Kids & Sports: Everything You and Your Child Need to Know

Starting this month (June 2014), Just4kics is also opening a Used Sports Equipment Outlet. The purpose of the store will be to sell new and used sporting equipment at a discounted price to help make sport more accessible for youth. All profits from the store will be cycled back into the charity to help provide more opportunities for underprivileged youth in Canada. Plus, to the equipment donator there are added benefits of helping others and getting a tax-receipt for the full market value of your equipment. Whereas competitors may only give $5-$10 for used equipment.

What Can You Do?

Visit the Just4kics website to donate today.

Also, next week bring your equipment down to the new Just4Kics Outlet at 116 Guelph St, Unit 6, in Georgetown, Ontario to contribute. Julie Whelan Photography will also be accepting equipment donations on behalf of Just4kics, so come visit us at one of our events.

We will have more to follow on that as soon as the rest of the summer’s calendar unfolds. Stay tuned for more charitable events.

You can also visit Just4Kics on Facebook by clicking here.

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