Just4kics Charity Golf Tournament Photo Recap

Julie Whelan Photography had a wonderful time at the 2nd Annual Just4kics Golf Classic at the Lionhead Golf & Country Club. We decided to put together a little photo journal to share our experience and familiarize our readers with some of the members of this charity we are supporting.


We arrived in Brampton just before 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 21, 2014. The weather was beautiful–bright sun, very few clouds, and a perfect 21°C. The course was green and lush and was buzzing with excited participants.

We explored the luxurious clubhouse, met with the coordinators, and perused the pro shop on our way outside. They had a sale on World Cup Fan Wear.



Our first stop was registration. We wanted to capture the whole process. Our time and the images you see here were donated to Just4kics to be used for promotional materials and their website, etc. So the registration table was a good place to start.

That’s the CEO Robert Wright in the orange pants.

It was also at this table that we found out that Just4kics had rented us a golf cart for the day so we wouldn’t have to lug our equipment around. They were so thoughtful, and we enjoyed being able to get around the whole course quickly to capture some terrific moments.

However, it was that same golf cart that gave Gerald a false sense of security about sun exposure. He picked up the famous “driver’s elbow” sunburn.

And They’re Off

The tournament had a shotgun start with participants on every hole. We attempted to photograph the course in a logical fashion, from hole 1 through to 18, but soon found out that wasn’t going to happen. We ended up driving around the course looking for groups we hadn’t photographed yet. We didn’t want to disturb the golfers, so the trick was trying to find a group that was just arriving on a hole or just driving to the green. This required us to skip holes and double back frequently.

At several key holes, Just4kics had hole in one prize stations assembled. The prizes were impressive–a Cadillac and luxury vacation among them.

The Course

This was our first time at Lionhead Golf & Country Club and we were impressed. The course was gorgeous. It offered many serene vistas and plenty of wildlife.

It seemed like every hole came with a companion turtle.

One whole in particular featured this little guy, which we presumed was a baby fox or perhaps coyote.

The Players

Everyone really immersed themselves into the spirit of things. We were thrilled that many teams were enjoying us photographing them. Here are three of some of the funnier moments, from a group requesting iPhone pics, to some gentlemen off-roading their golf cart, to an older gentleman who couldn’t keep his hands to himself:

Crotch Grab - Just4kics Golf Team


The Intensity

It was when the laughs were over and a golfer stepped to the tee that the real passion was present for us to capture.

In the first image, Just4kics CEO Robert Wright drives his bright yellow ball off into the horizon.

In the second image this unique-looking man showers himself in debris as he dislodges his ball and places it gently on the green.

Lastly, this savvy lady-golfer clears her ball before the tee can even touch the ground. Such power!

Golf Action Shot 2 - Julie Whelan Photography

The Reception

The evening finished with a wonderful three-course dinner, award presentations, silent auction, and announcements. The room was beautifully decorated, the staff was terrific, and the auction was lively. Julie Whelan Photography was honoured to be included in the thank you announcements. Our logo was listed as a sponsor, and an entire slide was made in gratitude for our work. We felt so appreciated. We were thankful just to be a part of such a wonderful, important event.

Thanks again to Robert and Lynn Wright for having us and for being such wonderful people and great hosts. Your efforts with Just4kics are inspiring.

Robert & Lynn Wright - Wright Hand Packaging & Just4kics

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