How To Book a Photo Shoot: What to Expect & Preparing for a Shoot

Booking a photo shoot doesn’t have to be stressful. I’ve outlined all the details of how to book a photo shoot and what you can expect when booking with us from the first contact to the final product.

We have pre-made packages covering a wide range of needs and if you would like something different from what you see on our Pricing Page, email or call (226) 448-3137.

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Booking Your Photo Shoot

If you’re interested in booking a photo shoot with me or would like to have your event photographed, you can visit the Pricing Page on my website or you can Contact Me directly to discuss the specifics of what you’re looking for with your photo shoot.

The specifics of what we need to discuss are: what you want photographed, possible date & time for the photo shoot, and the location. I have a complete portable studio that allows me to shoot almost anywhere, inside or outside.

I will compile all this information into a convenient email, contract, and invoice and send it to you.

Payment is due before the photo shoot via EMT or on the day of the shoot via cash or debit.

Before the shoot, I encourage you to find examples of images you may want. Everybody is different, so the more I know about your vision, the more likely I am to capture it. You can also look through my Active Lifestyle or Action Sports Portfolio for photo examples. I will also send you interview questions for you to answer at your leisure before the shoot, to get a better understanding of your brand, personality, and what message you’re trying to put out into the world. This will help me make a shot list and provide structure to the photo shoot.

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Your Photo Shoot

Your photo shoot is meant to be relaxed and enjoyable, so we can capture authentic and natural looks. I give some direction to ensure you’re looking your best and the composition is right and then just let you do what you love.

Photo shoots range from 1-3 hours, depending on what photo package you chose. Make sure you come prepared with water and snacks (if necessary). If the photo shoot is taking place outside, dress appropriately for the weather and bring any wardrobe changes or props you would like for the shoot.

We will meet at the selected location preferably a few minutes early than the scheduled time to give me time to set up my equipment and you time to get into wardrobe if necessary. Then we’ll start shooting!

I will take multiple photos in different poses and different areas in our location. I’m happy to accommodate any poses or props you would like to incorporate into the shoot and you’re welcome to bring different outfits and change as many times as you’d like.

Behind the Scenes Julie Whelan Photography Photo Shoot

After Your Photo Shoot

After your photo shoot, I edit out any images with blinks or unflattering looks and send you the proofs (small resolution, watermarked images) via online drive for you to peruse and choose which images you would like. Once you’ve made your decisions, I get to work right away retouching your images. All final, professionally retouched images are sent to you within one week of our photo shoot via online drive for you to view, share, and print.

Retouching includes removal of skin imperfections, flyaway hairs, and visible photography equipment.

Events – After your event, I will send the final, professionally retouched images to you within one week via online drive.

Behind the Scenes Julie Whelan Photography Photo Shoot Emma Jack Pilates

Any Questions?

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About Julie Whelan

Julie Whelan, professional photographer of over fifteen years, has had the opportunity to shoot all over the globe--from capturing portraits in Vanuatu to shooting off rooftops in Maui to photographing products in Calgary. She now finds herself in Ontario photographing outdoor adventures and the active lifestyles of athletic individuals and athletes in competition & training. Julie has also worked with professional athletes such as Don Cherry, Darryl Sittler, and Roberto Alomar. When not behind the lens, Julie likes to unwind with a good book or spending time in the garden.

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