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The Tournament – Halton Hills Best of the Best

The Halton Hills Best of the Best Tournament was host to over 110 teams ranging from Novice to Midget A, AA and AE divisions. The tournament was held at the Mold-Masters SportsPlex in Georgetown. The Mold-Masters arena was recently expanded to four pads with the addition of two NHL-sized ice pads, Saputo and TransCanada. The venue itself was a very nice place to work in. Each ice pad is well lit, with the new Saputo and TransCanada pads having walls of windows to add natural light to my images.

As the tournament photographer and vendor, the arena posed the challenge of finding the ideal location within this massive SportsPlex to set up our booth to be seen by every one of the teams. Most of the vendors were set up in the newer part of the SportsPlex with views of three of the arenas and two of the exits. Due to the fact that our booth requires close proximity to an electrical outlet, we were placed down the hall in front of only one of the three ice pads and beside one of the exits. We didn’t get the exposure (pun intended) we needed to a great many of the teams or to the hockey parents that were browsing the other vendor’s tables. If I have any advice for fellow tournament photographers it’s that booth location will make or break your sales. If I could do this tournament over again, I would have met with the tournament director before the tournament and locked down an ideal booth location that ensures we were seen by all the teams and parents.

The Image

Here is the Image of the Week from the Halton Hills Best of the Best tournament. It was chosen because it’s bright with high contrast and beautiful bold colours. It seems as though this Belle River Midget AA player is looking directly into the lens, which makes the image a little more edgy. The puck is frozen in front of him with snow flying up because he’s mid-stride while shooting. I also thought the out of focus goalie in the background added a cool depth of field to the photo.

The Settings

Because the TransCanada ice pad was the brightest of the four pads I was able to bump up my shutter speed to 1600 and freeze the puck and the snow coming up off the ice. I kept my ISO pretty high at 4000 in order to reach the shutter speed I wanted. I always keep my lens at f2.8 in order to get that depth of field I like. This image was shot at f2.8, 1/1600 at ISO 4000.


Here is a look at a few more photographs that were considered for Image of the Week:


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