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If you are a new mom looking to get out of the house, get active, and socialize but don’t want to miss a minute with your newborn, check out ANDFIT Training Studio in central London Ontario, a fitness studio that encourages you to exercise with your baby.

“It is so nice to see first time and second time moms bonding and building new relationships. This is what this studio is all about,” says Andrea Merucci Hsiung, owner of ANDFIT Training Studio and a certified personal trainer.

Moms Exercising with Their Babies at ANDFIT Training Studio London Ontario

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Exercise with Your Baby

ANDFIT owner Andrea says, “I have my children to thank for putting me on the new career path of personal training. After the birth of my daughter I looked to fitness to help me cope with the struggle I was going through mentally and physically and taking postpartum fitness classes helped me feel like I could take care of myself first which helped me at the end of the day be a better mom and person.”

Personal Trainer with Moms Exercising with Their Babies at ANDFIT Training Studio in London Ontario

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ANDFIT offers Mom & Baby/Tot Yoga Class, Mom & Baby Strength and TRX Circuit Classes, Stroller Bootcamp, and baby-friendly Strength Lunch Classes. If you’re on a different part of your mom journey, ANDFIT also offers Prenatal Fitness Classes, Women’s Bootcamps, and a Sunday Sweat Sesh. Visit the ANDFIT website for more information on classes.

Moms Doing Yoga with Their Babies at ANDFIT Training Studio in London Ontario

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Whether you are expecting or have already delivered, you can attend the Mom & Baby/Tot Classes. “If you are looking to have a healthy pregnancy, come try a class at ANDFIT. We have great fitness classes where mamas can work on maintaining and building upper back strength on the TRX. It’s a great low impact way to exercise during and after pregnancy and has the added stability and support of the straps,” says Andrea.

Personal Trainer Instructing TRX Class for Moms at ANDFIT Training Studio in London Ontario

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Take it From Another Mom

Being a mom herself, Andrea has a special connection with her clients. One of Andrea’s clients says: “A switch went off after exercising with Andrea and listening to her talk about how she just had two children, gained weight, and went through the same struggles. Andrea is very knowledgeable in postpartum and pelvic floor health, so you can feel totally comfortable and trust her with the exercises that you will be doing.”

ANDFIT Training Studio Moms Fitness Classes in London Ontario

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“After my second baby I continued to take Andrea’s classes and I have never felt better. I honestly feel the healthiest and happiest in my own skin now than I ever have in my life. Andrea’s classes are a great way to just get out of your house after having a baby, meet other moms, get a great workout in while getting fresh air and vitamin D for her outdoor classes. I would recommend Andrea’s classes to every mom and woman I meet, I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her.”

Moms Fitness Class at ANDFIT Training Studio in London Ontario

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Andrea’s Story

While shooting in her fitness studio, it was obvious to me that Andrea is passionate and well educated about women’s health and fitness. With a Bachelors degree from the University of Western Ontario in Women’s Studies and Psychology, a Certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and over five years of work experience as a counsellor in the mental health field, she has the credentials to back that passion up.

Andrea Merucci Hsiung Owner of ANDFIT in London Ontario

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Andrea has been a certified personal trainer for 4.5 years and specializes in:

  • Women’s fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Pre/postnatal fitness
  • Pelvic floor health
  • Diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
  • Training women who are pregnant & postpartum
Personal Training Instructing Spin Class at ANDFIT Training Studio in London Ontario

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“My growing passion for health and wellness continues to stem from providing my clients with the tools they need to make small sustainable changes over time that add up to big overall health improvements. If your overall goal is to become healthier I can help you make all the other pieces fall into place.”

ANDFIT Training Studio Moms Fitness Class Group

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How to Start Exercising With Your Baby

Sign up for classes on the ANDFIT website today.

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