Cyclist Emily Logan Honours Canada’s 150th on Cross Country Bike Tour

On June 22, 2017, cyclist Emily Logan will commence a ten-week, cross-Canada bike tour from Vancouver to St. John’s to honour Canada’s sesquicentennial year.

Athlete Emily Logan Cyclist Portrait

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

Emily’s Peanut Butter Bike Tour

Emily has coined her two-wheeled adventure as her ‘Peanut Butter Bike Tour.’ Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are what this cyclist eats after a long marathon training run to recharge. When asked about the name she said “Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are what’s going to fuel me for lunch every day and, besides, it is my favourite sandwich!”

Athlete Emily Logan Cyclist Springbank Park Sunrise

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

Emily is cycling across Canada with Cycle Canada Tours, which has been offering supported bike tours throughout Canada since 1988. “They set you up with a group of like-minded cyclists who want to see the country in a similar way. They provide training, nutrition, and logistical advice to arm you with the tools you need to cycle a minimum of 80 km/day for ten weeks.”

Brodie Road Bike Speedometer Handlebars

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

Cycle Canada Tours also provides accommodation and meals for the cyclists over the ten weeks. “The tour company has the meals planned for the entire tour and has booked camp sites and university dorms all across the country. We arrive at a campsite each evening and will be cooking our food and the dorm rooms are for rest days.”

About Emily

Emily was bitten by the travel bug in sixth grade during Canada’s centennial year. After hearing the stories of her classmates traveling to Montreal for Expo ’67, Emily says, “our curriculum was Expo-obsessed and everyone was going except me. I wanted to see the world beyond London, ON, but in sixth grade it was a clearly an insurmountable task.”

Photo: Athlete Emily Logan with her Brodie Bicycle

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

Emily started cycling at a very early age. “I wanted to learn to ride a bike because my brothers and sisters were doing it. For many years, it was a mode of transportation. Eventually, it became a form of exercise and cross training.”

Fast forward to 2014 when Olympian Clara Hughes cycled across Canada to raise awareness for mental health, Emily watched Clara’s progress religiously. “I followed her journey with a passion and her adventure ignited my desire to get out onto the open road to see my country.” Following her Grandma’s advice to “shite or get off the pot,” Emily’s desire to see Canada led her to retire from her job to pursue her bike tour. “My decision to retire two years later was fueled by my drive to follow in Clara’s tire tracks.”

Emily Logan Cycling Over Bridge Springbank Park

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

Staying motivated has never been a problem for Emily. “I always have a goal! It keeps me focused. Your goals should be big enough to give you butterflies in your stomach every time you think about them! Go big or go home!”

Tour Training

Emily officially began her training schedule at the beginning of March. “To train for this bike tour, I have been following a specific training schedule that was given to me by Cycle Canada. It is a progressive weekly chart that starts at about 50 kilometers of cycling and goes up to 160 kilometers.”

Athlete Emily Logan Cycling Springbank Park

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

“The coaches at the YMCA have been helping me realize my dream with strength training and endurance cycling classes.”

Nutrition is also very important for Emily’s training. “Carbs are essential but protein is what keeps the body from breaking down its muscle.” For breakfast, Emily will have scrambled eggs with vegetables, for lunch it’s tuna and vegetables, and for dinner more protein with rice or sweet potatoes and vegetables.

Panning Image of Emily Logan Cycling

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

Follow Emily

Emily hits the open road in Vancouver on June 22, 2017. Emily says, “follow my progress on my blog, My Peanut Butter Tour 2017, for ten weeks as I toil over mountains, whizz through the prairies, and enjoy our beautiful landscape. I finish in St. John’s, Newfoundland on September 1, 2017.”

Athlete Emily Logan with her Brodie Bicycle

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

Quick Q & A

What is your favourite brand of workout clothes/shoes?

Emily: I’m a Sugoi fan. I like how the clothes fit me and do what they are advertised to do.

What is your favourite exercise?

Emily: Running

What is your favourite piece of equipment in your gym at the moment?

Emily: The free weights.

What is your favourite brand of bicycles?

Emily: Specialized bikes are my favourite brand. Also, I bought my Brodie touring bike on the recommendation of the folks at Outspoken. It’s been fitted to me and it is super comfy to ride long distances.

Any exciting future plans?

Emily: I plan on re-qualifying for Boston again because the last time we were there it was 90 degrees at the start and it was a miserable marathon! I felt cheated so I have to do it one more time.

Athlete Emily Logan Canadian Cyclist

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

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