Cheer Strike Royals

Julie Whelan Photography had a great time photographing the Cheer Strike Royals club this past Thursday, April 23, 2015.

The Cheer Strike Royals club is a competitive and rec cheer and tumbling league for girls and boys ages 3-14. It gives kids a chance to learn gymnastics, stunting, pyramids, and dance. The club started as a dream for Jill Maloney, Deb Van Loon and Michelle Sinclair. For the past four years, they have been coaching the competitive cheerleading team at the Catholic Central High School in London, ON and have an array of championships under their belts. We could not have pulled off a large photography session like this without their help with organizing, preparing and posing.

Stunt Position

This is the first time Julie Whelan Photography has photographed a cheer club. With eighty-eight kids on six teams and one night to shoot, we had our work cut out for us. We are a mobile, on-location business so we photographed the athletes in their gym, the Cheer Strike Royals club in north west London. The gym is equipped with high ceilings and a fully sprung cheer floor so shooting space was limited to one corner which, to our advantage, had a white wall. We were able to attach our white back drop to the wall and created a seamless without needing the stands.

Individual Photos

The set up worked really well for the athlete’s individual photos. There was plenty of space for one athlete to pose or do a stunt position. For the team photos, we had to get a little creative with Photoshop in order to create a larger white backdrop.

Here are some of our favourite individual images:

Team Photos

With limited space, the team photos required a little more finesse and a little more post production on the backdrop. Here you can see objects protruding into the space. Gerald made sure everybody squished together in order to stay on the white seamless and then we took care of the rest using Photoshop.

Once we had everybody lined up, we took the shot. Check out our Photoshop handy work in the finished product:

With this technique, photographing the bigger teams was no problem. Here you can see we were able to fit the Mini Sapphire team with eighteen athletes in one image.

All in all, we had a blast photographing the Royals. We loved their enthusiasm, organization and team work. If you’d like to learn more about the Cheer Strike Royals or want to book Julie Whelan Photography for your league or club, check out the links below:

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