Bothwell, Minto & Glencoe – Image of the Week

The Tournaments – Bothwell, Minto & Glencoe

I have been a little delinquent in keeping up to date with the Image of the Week so this week’s post will feature the best images from three tournaments: the Bothwell John Horvat Memorial, the Minto Novice LL Tournament, and the Glencoe Dave Waller Tyke Fun Day. These three tournaments have something very important to Canadian hockey in common: they all took place in small, tight-knit communities where the love of the game runs through not only the veins of the kids playing, but also their parents and the volunteers coordinating the events. I would like to thank Mike Cummings and Lindsay Cowan for making these tournaments run smoothly.

The Image

My job was a little tricky trying to pick just one image to feature from three different tournaments. The decision was made even more difficult because the divisions of the tournaments ranged from Tyke to Novice, which means too many super cute expressions, really funny moments and even some equipment malfunctions to choose from. Here is the Image of the Week which comes from the Minto Novice LL Tournament. I chose this one for it’s ‘monkey see, monkey do’ type humour, as well as the team camaraderie it displays. It’s always nice to see a team who scores goals together, celebrates together!

The Settings

The Minto/Harriston arena is pretty well lit. I only had to adjust my ISO by a third of a stop at 8000 ISO as compared to my usual, ISO 6400. This image was shot at f2.8, 1/1250, and ISO 8000.


Here is a look at a few more photographs from the other tournaments that were considered for Image of the Week:


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