BoFIT Training: A Positive Approach to Health & Fitness

If you are looking to take a positive approach to your health and fitness training, you should try BoFIT Training in central London, Ontario.

Bo Parsons Personal Trainer and Owner of BoFIT Training in London Ontario

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A Positive Approach to Health & Fitness

Bo Parsons, owner of BoFIT Training, believes that “…FUNction should ALWAYS be the priority when designing any training program for an athlete or client. If you can function more efficiently, you will be able to better perform your work, hobbies, and extracurricular activities! It is important to train with a purpose.”

Bo Parsons BoFIT Owner and Personal Trainer of BoFIT London Ontario swinging on strap

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Positive Trainers

Bo’s positivity reaches all levels of his business, including the personal trainers he employs. “The vision for BoFIT is to provide a single location where some of the best trainers in our city can continue to learn and push themselves to be better. We’re dropping the egos and learning from each other while raising the standard in the fitness industry as coaches. Not only will this separate us from our competitors, it will further allow us to provide the highest quality of service available.”

The Personal Trainers of BoFit Training London Ontario

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“Our trainers practice and follow the philosophy of the world-renowned C.H.E.K Institute.” The C.H.E.K Institute was founded by Paul Chek, who has a background as a Holistic Health Practitioner and has developed a program based on functional exercise and has an integrated approach to health, fitness, and well-being.

Bo Parsons Owner BoFIT Teaching Personal Trainer

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Fitness Classes & Services

BoFIT Training offers four different types of training programs to assist you in overcoming many conditions including back pain, weight gain, and chronic stress.

One on One Specialized Coaching

This program starts with an assessment of your current physical, emotional, and mental condition to help with designing an exercise program that can restore you to optimal health.

Personal Trainer at BoFIT Training Coaching Client

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Small Group Training

Small Group Training consists of 2 – 4 people and is focused on FUNctional movements, meaning the required movements of the human body on a daily basis that will allow you to build strength and stability.

BoFIT Boot Camp

The Bootcamp is a fun group setting for individuals looking for a good sweat. It is a fast-paced FUNctional workout focused on the 7 Primal Pattern Movements that allow us to perform any and every action required by the human body.

Personal Trainer at BoFIT Training London ON Coaching Client

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Online Coaching

This is an online membership where clients get a personalized program built for them based on the online questionnaires that they submit. This program is great for anybody that travels or lives outside London.

BoFIT Owner and Personal Trainer Fitness Coaching Client

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Bo Parsons Owner of BoFIT Training in London Ontario

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