3 Best Fashions to Keep Cold Hockey Moms Warm

Hockey Moms, let’s face it, searching every room in the house for that missing neck guard and making sure your little ‘McDavid’ is fed to make it out the door to be at the cold rink for the 8 a.m. game is hectic enough. There’s not a lot of time to think about yourself, let alone perfectly marrying staying warm with being fashionable. Fortunately, there’s people like me, who spend almost every weekend of the hockey season photographing tournaments in a cold rink somewhere in southern Ontario. I shoot every game so I’m out in the cold for most of the weekend and have quickly learned the three best fashions to keep me warm. I’ve even attached pictures and links to make it easy for you to find these items.

1. Helly Hansen Warm Underwear

Let’s start with the layer nobody sees: the under layer. Hockey moms ask me on almost a weekly basis if I’m cold and my response is always the same: “Nope. I layer!” There are hundreds of different types of long underwear available out there, and trust me, I feel like I’ve tried them all. The Helly Hansen Warms are the best because of what they’re made out of: 57% merino wool and 43% polypropylene. The merino wool keeps you warm and feeling slim, while the polypropylene lets you breath. So you can throw them on under your jeans and drive to the rink in the warm van without dying of heat exhaustion. Once you get to the rink, no need to bring a blanket because you’ll have a few layers to protect your bum from the cold bleachers. And hey, let’s face it, you already have enough to carry.

Staying Warm & Fashionable with Helly Hansen Base Layers

2. Canada Weather Gear Jacket

Yes this jacket is a knock off of the popular Canada Goose coat, but at just a fraction of the price, knock off-shmock off, as long as I’m warm! And warm I am. The Canada Weather Gear Coat is filled with 50% down and 50% feathers so it’s like bringing your duvet to the rink and snuggling in all day. The outer layer is polyester so no more trips to the dry cleaners; just throw it in the washing machine for a good clean. One complaint I do have about this coat is it looses feathers after about a season because of the knock off quality of the stitching, but after three years, mine still keeps me warm.

Canadian Winter Wear Jacket Protecting Me from the Cold

3. Columbia Fleece

My Columbia Fleece is the warmest sweater I’ve ever owned and that’s probably because it’s made of 100% polyester featherweight microfleece. Not only is it warm, it’s slim fitting and lacks bulk. It’s a great top layer under my jacket and pairs perfectly with my Helly Hansen Warm Ice Longsleeve. The fleece has a half-zip, which when zipped up covers my neck, so I don’t have to wear a scarf. When unzipped, it allows for ventilation, so I don’t overheat when I’m in the lobby.

Stylish Lightweight Fleece Stands up to Cold Hockey Rink

I also wanted to recommend my Hot Paws Boots (seen above) because they have been the warmest style-conscience boots I’ve ever owned, but unfortunately, they’re no longer made. So what I can say is when you’re looking to purchase boots to keep you warm, look for cold weather ratings (like -30 degrees), boots that have linings, and go with black so they match with everything. Then you can wear them with any outfit outside of the rink as well.

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