7 Best Reasons Couples Should Exercise Together

We’ve all heard the saying ‘couples who sweat together, stay together.’ But have you ever really thought why we might benefit from exercising with our significant other? Jessie and Pete, owners and trainers of Jessie Bicks Fitness, have this concept all figured out and use the benefits of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle together to help their clients achieve their fitness goals. After a photo shoot with the power couple, I can now share with you the seven best reasons couples should exercise together.

Fitness couple making jokes and having fun in the gym together

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

1. More Fun Than One

Couples that exercise together spend more time together and build a genuine camaraderie. Jessie says “…we like to have fun. We don’t see why fitness has to be so serious. We’re always down here (in the gym) just laughing and having fun.” You can see it on their faces, these two were having a good time. When you’re having fun with your partner, you’re not only spending more time together, you’re also strengthening the emotional bond between you, and increasing your level of happiness in the relationship.

Fitness couple smiling at each other while performing dead lifts

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

2. One Will Always Motivate the Other

“Most days [Pete and I] don’t have time to work out until 9 or 10 p.m., so it can be hard to want to work out. But one of us always ends up pushing the other to exercise.” When you’re doing it on your own, skipping a work out here and there doesn’t seem like a big deal. But it’s a lot harder to say no when you’ve made a commitment to your partner who is relying on you to go to the gym. Not only can your partner motivate you to get to the gym, he/she can also motivate you by cheering you on while you lift, and watch your form. In the image below, you can see Jessie encouraging Pete to help him reach the end.

Fitness couple laughs while performing sled training

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

3. Keeps Things Interesting

If you’ve ever worked out regularly on your own, you know that the same routine can get a little boring. Pete says that one of main benefits he and Jessie offer their clients is “…how to keep exercise interesting.” And they do this for each other as well (kind of like a two heads is better than one sort of thing). Even during the photo shoot while coming up with ideas for shots, I noticed Jessie would suggest something and then Pete would build on it and together they would come up with something fun.

Fitness Couple has fun by bench pressing each other

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

4. More Balanced Work Out

It is true we all have specific exercises we like the best. When working out with your partner, it’s more likely you’ll end up trying something new by doing his/her favourite exercises as well. Maybe you really enjoy squats, and your partner can’t seem to get enough pull ups. If you’re working out together, you’ll likely incorporate both, giving you a more diverse work out. Plus, you get the added bonus of always having somebody with which to celebrate your personal record breaking accomplishments.

Fitness couple man supporting woman while performing sit ups

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

Fitness couple woman spotting man while performing bench press

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

5. Shared Interests

In order for a couple to live happily ever after they must have at least one shared purpose. A common complaint in relationships these days is a lack of mutual interests. When you’re aligning your fitness goals and being active together, that’s no longer a problem. Pete and Jessie just moved from a condo to a house and they said the first thing they both did when they went to take a look at it was go down stairs to size up the basement for a home gym.

Fitness couple lifts dumbbells together

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

6. You’re on the Same Diet

As mentioned in my previous post How Busy People Stay Active, Jessie “…believes that nothing will impact your body quite like your nutritional intake. When eating right is added to a well-designed exercise program the results are tremendous.” Jessie and Pete not only work out together, they also diet together. When cooking and eating at restaurants, it’s easier to make healthy choices and stick to a meal plan when the person you eat with has the same goals.

Fitness couple laughs while women uses tension bands for leg lifts

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

7. Reignites that Spark

Not only does exercise help with levels of physical attraction due to a sculpted body, it also mimics the symptoms of romantic attraction like increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and sweaty palms. So next time you and your partner are in a slump, try lifting weights together and you’ll likely be transported back to those first few weeks together when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. I could see this spark between Pete and Jessie: every time she looked at him, she lit up.

Fitness couple kissing man supporting woman while performing sit ups

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

To put it simply, exercising with your partner can have multiple benefits spanning over physical attraction, mental companionship, and emotional bonds. Pete and Jessie know this and they try to support, push, and motivate each other to continue living a healthy and active lifestyle. They incorporate this into their business and constantly find new ways to keep their client’s work outs interesting, fun, and effective.

Fitness couple relaxing and laughing after a work out

© Julie Whelan Photography 2017

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